Jerry C. Kelley II (Jeremiah Christopher Kelley) has graciously shared his original edition of Kelley of Glascock for the exclusive use of this website. He is a descendant of Jeremiah Kelley and his namesake and comes from the line of Allen Kelley of Glascock County Georgia.

The author of the book is Coy K. Johnston, grandson of George Washington Kelley and younger brother of Allen Kelley. This book was originally published by Johnston in Atlanta Georgia in 1979. William Johnston, son of Coy Johnston, has given permission for its restricted use in this website.

George Rubin Kelley is credited with securing permission to reproduce this book. George has been very resourceful in researching our family history. Robert K. Kelley is Webmaster for this website and Editor/Publisher of the newsletter FAMILY MATTERS, which publication focuses on the Kelleys of Windsor, Florida. Both men are descendants of George Washington Kelley. We know you will enjoy reading KELLEY OF GLASCOCK.

Here are two tips for using the website:
  1.  Each chapter in Kelley of Glascock  has been separated for speedier viewing.  For information on obtaining the book in it’s entirety email for more information.
  2. When viewing the website, press F11 and the page will go to full screen mode (without the tool bars showing). To return to the default screen, move the mouse pointer to the upper right corner of the screen and press the double box icon.